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The process for the production of your wedding book
You take as much - or as little control as you'd like


  1. The Telephone call
The first step is a 'phone call or email. We would love the opportunity to discuss your wedding photograph requirements and show you the variety of options which are available. Call (Oxford) 01865 452116 or email david@davidstaresphotography.co.uk and arrange for David to visit you at home. 
2. The Meeting
We'll discuss your requirements and plans for the day. 

3. The Decision
Tell us what you want. When you discover that we're right for you,  you decide on the number of pictures, style and design of the final wedding book but these are details which can be decided or altered later. 
A deposit at this point secures your wedding date. The balance is not expected until the final delivery of your wedding book. 


4. The Wedding day
By now the arrangements are in place. These may or may not include the bride and groom's preparations, the ceremony, a separate shoot at another location, the reception, the speeches, cutting the cake. It's a busy day! An unlimited number of images are taken.


5. The Collection
From the images taken on the day a 'collection' of images is prepared and presented in preview format and hosted on our web site. You will receive an access code for private viewing of your pictures.


6. The Selection
From this collection you will choose the images you would like to include in the final wedding book. You can leave this to us if you'd prefer but it is at this time that a decision on the final size and style of the book is made.
7. The Design
The images you have chosen are sent off to the wedding book designers. They will then use these chosen images in the design you have chosen and produce a preview of your book.


8. The Decision
You will view the final design of your book and then either agree the design or discuss your preferred changes. 
Only when you are happy with the final design, is the wedding book moved into production.


9. The Delivery
The final wedding book is produced in Italy and then delivered to you about three weeks after your approval of the final design.


10. The Control
As you will see, control of the project is yours. You can be involved at every stage of the production of your wedding book, ensuring that you get exactly what you want. Alternatively, if you'd rather, you can leave it all to us. Either way your final agreement is required before the book is sent into production.

It really is your wedding book, your way

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