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I am passionate about capturing wonderful images of your wedding day and presenting them in the most stunning way possible.

David Stares Wedding Photography

I started photographing weddings when the only style was best described as, 'on site group and portrait photography'. For years I offered a choice of 10, 20 or 30 images and these were mostly formal groups. 

Times have changed and I have been pleased to change with them. Having seen many changes in popular styles, I believe it is essential that I constantly review popular trends and changes in wedding photography. I am very drawn to the current European style and recently studied contemporary wedding photography in Rome.

I believe that by adopting a relaxed and informal approach I aim to keep everyone relaxed and work quickly to capture the whole day without changing or spoiling it. 

'A picture, worth a thousand words'
 I'd love to show you how I achieve a balance of formal, reportage, traditional and fine art photography to suit your memory of the day.  This really is an occasion when a picture is worth a thousand words. 

If you'd like to see what I can offer, call today and arrange for me to visit you and discuss your wedding photographs. 

I'm sure you'll love what you see and will be left with the assurance that I can deliver the complete wedding photography that you are looking for.

David Stares Photography, 41 Littlemore Road, OXFORD. OX4 3SS
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